Our Mission

Chebo Clinic does all the heavy lifting, ingredient analysis and tackles everything for you serving you high calibre skincare and bespoke unique skin treatments that actually work and dense education that shapes the industry.

Trust in Chebo

Our clientele are well taken care of receiving premium quality service and bespoke consultancy. Chebo Clinic guides you every step of the way providing a safe space to perform professional treatments and purchase professional skincare with our expertise at your disposal. With over 35 years of collective experience in the skincare industry your journey with us is knowledge rich and personal.

Unique Highly Effective Skin Procedures

Chebo Clinic provides luxury bespoke skin treatments to all skin concerns. Providing premium service and unique approaches to skincare. We have a passion for skin health and rejuvenation, our highly skilled qualified team collectively brings together leading technology with the highest quality machines and compounded skincare, making us one of the most exclusive and sought after treatment destinations in Sydney.

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About Our Product

DOUBLE BAY COSMECEUTICAL’S delivers effective fast acting results combining elements of science and practicality to build a line of sensational super-dosed products.