Case Study 3: PIE Fitzpatric 4

Results Achieved After 2 Weeks.


  • Redness Pigmentation from PIE
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Congestion

Active Skin Tolerance: Low- Medium

(What is a Skin Tolerance? Ability of a Person's Skin To Withstand Actives)

Treatment Performed: Vitamin C Laser + Stamping

Skincare Used: Double Bay Cosmeceuticals Beginner Glass Skin Bundle (Buy Now) for 2 Weeks and is now new skincare routine.

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Issues With Previous Skincare

Product not suitable for acne prone skin types. PPG-12 and lactic acid is quite problematic combo.

Issues With Other Providers Procedures

Another Clinic recommended an Acnelan which won't be suitable as it would be too intense for a low skin tolerance skin type with congestion. This congestion with an Acnelan would take too long to purge out and the salicylic content in an acnelan will be too sensitising on Low Tolerance. We opt for a skincare routine with lower salicylic content over 2 weeks in combo with a brightening agent treatment.

We more effectively opted for a Vitamin C Laser/Stamping to safely help this PIE and Congestion,

Lifestyle Changes Vision Board

When it comes to skin health we need to work on the follwing things.

  • Getting Enough Sleep (8-9 Hours)
  • Eating a Healthy Low GI Diet
  • Getting Monthly Skin Treatments
  • Using Your Double Bay Cosmeceuticals Routine Religiously
  • Exercising Regularly
Read Clinically Correct Glass Skin Guide

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