What is a Sebaceous Tapping? 

The non-invasive art of sebaceous tapping is a safe sophisticated technique employed on acne to eliminate recurring breakouts and inflamed zits. Sebaceous tapping is not purely performed on its own and is employed as an add to procedures. Sebaceous tapping works by manipulating the sebaceous gland through radio frequency to decrease the rate of sebum production on overactive breakouts to normalise skin function. This procedure price is capped regardless of how many pimples there are to zap. 

Reduces the appearance of Inflamed Acne and Active Acne, Congestion.

No Downtime. Add on to procedures or done on its own.

Pricing: $99
Time: 15 Minutes

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This treatment was amazing for my skin! I was in so much shock when the results kicked in a week later. thank you so much for this treatment!

Jackie G- Kellyville

Was super easy to book and find what i needed! the girls are honest, reliable and always ontime!

Jamie P- Hurstville

Great Results and They happened immediately! Used clinical calming cream afterwards and bought another 2 online.

Krittika- Watsons Bay

This is the place you go when you want to take your skin seriously! they give the results!

Rianna K- Parramatta