Case Study: Nafisa Hormonal Acne.

Results Achieved After 4 Weeks.


  • Redness Pigmentation from PIE
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Congestion

Active Skin Tolerance: Medium-High

(What is a Skin Tolerance? Ability of a Person's Skin To Withstand Actives)

Treatment Performed: Six Star Peel + Sebacous Tapping (Read More)

Skincare Used: Double Bay Cosmeceuticals Beginner Glass Skin Bundle (Buy Now) for 4 Weeks and is now new skincare routine.

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Issues With Previous Skincare

Products had PEGS and Yeast Exacts not safe for Acne-Prone Skin Types. Use lots of fragrance that can irritate the skin and pore clogging ingredients.

Issues With Other Providers Procedures

Other Clinic recommended 8-12 Sessions of Microneedling Spaces 3 weeks apart.

This will cause more inflammation and trauma to the skin and cause mico-keyloiding to the skin.

We safely opted for a Six Star Peel + Sebaceous Tapping to safely help this hormonal skin condition.

Lifestyle Changes Vision Board

When it comes to skin health we need to work on the follwing things.

  • Getting Enough Sleep (8-9 Hours)
  • Eating a Healthy Diet (Rich in Omega-3s)
  • Getting Monthly Skin Treatments
  • Using Your Double Bay Cosmeceuticals Routine Religiously
  • Exercising Regularly
Read Clinically Correct Glass Skin Guide

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