The Ultimate and Most Clinically Correct Glass Skin Guide

The Ultimate and Most Clinically Correct Glass Skin Guide

Have you ever wondered why some people's skin looks so much better than others? It's not just genetics or good fortune. Those with clear skin didn't obtain their flawless skin through luck. They've followed a tested and proven routine and skin treatment regime that helps them look their best. By learning how to improve your skin, you'll be able to enhance your confidence and bliss through life. You'll be able to hold a confident conversation without thinking 'does my skin look bad?'. You don't want to be the onewho always has bad skin, right? Well, there are ways you can learn how to obtain a clear and glass like complexion. Once you start following the simply lifestyle changes and serious skincare regime I discuss in my article you'll be able to become one of those people who has glass skin that people envy and crave for themselves.

First lets cover two things. Your skin comes down to your internal factors as well as your external such as lifestyle and how you're treating your skin. 

Internally here 9 tips and tricks to prevent you from breaking out:

  1. Get at least 8 Hours Sleep
  2. Don't Stress Yourself Out as you will product more pimples from cortisol
  3. Keep in mind every month (if you're a female) you will breakout due to your period progerstone increase) and with products you can fade your hormonal blemish mark in a speedy manner. 
  4. Don't touch your skin unless performing skincare routine
  5. Change your pillow case every week
  6. Use Haircare free from heavy silicones. 
  7. Your Diet should be Low Glycemic Index foods. Make swaps for decreasing consumption of sweets, pasties, white breads and yeast rich foods. Swap your regular white bread for sourdough and look up how to eat healthier. 
  8. Start taking your Gut health seriously and taking prebiotics and probiotics as well as eating foods good for the gut. 
  9. Don't take drugs or drink alcohol. Smoking cigarettes and even shisha degrades your skin elasticity and brings you closed comdeones (congestion) as your skin tries to eliminate the toxins from your skin.

Now Lets Cover What You Should Be Doing Externally: 

  1. Resurface your skin every 4-6 Weeks. As the skin cell cycle is every 28 days you have a brand new layer of dead skin that needs to be chemically exfoliated. If we don't we will have dull congestion skin and ageing becomes more apparent. You should be using an at home chemical peel or coming into clinic on a monthly basis. 
  2. Stay consistent and stick with your skincare routine. Even one morning or night that you miss your skincare routine will catch up to you. 
  3. Stay away from products with high fillers in there such as PEGS, poly-ethylene-Glycols and also products with high amounts of denatured alcohols. Denatured alcohols cause an imbalance in skins natural oils and cause an imbalance which tricks your sebaceous glands to produce more oil than theyneed which results in keratin being stuck underneath your skin causing congestion. PEGS will clog the skin if left on the skin in serum or moisturiser form. Pegs are fine
  4. Stay away from high molecular hyaluronic acid or multi length chained hyaluronic acid as these products even in serum form tend to irritate the skin from the clogging barrier film they make on the skin.
  1. Make sure your products aren't from the supermarket or chemist as at a low price point and skincare quality you always get what you pay for. Those with non sensitive skin will find certain products work fine for them due to a high skin tolerance and their skin likely has never been moisturised proper before or used actives. However for those that have actual skin issues you need to be extremely careful with what you use on your skin because low quality cheaper products are actually more expensive for your skin than a proper cosmeceuticals due to all the issues it will cause long term for your barrier and sebaceous glands. 

If youre someone who is just starting their skincare journey we recommend starting in clinic with a "Celebrity MultiVitamin Peel" and purchasing online the Beginner Glass Skin Bundle. We can recommend suitable skincare at your appointment or you can start early skincare prep via using this bundle suitable for all skin types and concerns.