Purging Duo

Product Description
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The Purging Duo Contains

- 1x 6x Magical Clinical Calming Peel Cream

- 1x Glysilic Superficial Nightly Peel Pads

How to Use: Every night after cleansing use the Glysilic Superficial Nightly Peel Pads, apply usual serum and then apply the 6x Magical Clinical Calming Peel Cream afterwards and leave on until the morning.

Use until skin finished purging and halt use of other products in your night routine such as moisturiser/lotions etc. Once skin has finished purging/flaring up and is clear then only use the 6x Magical Clinical Calming Peel Cream once every 2 weeks. Glysilic Superficial Nightly Peel Pads use 2-3x a week after purging period.

Why this Duo for Purging?

The  Glysilic Superficial Nightly Peel Pads help to increase cell turnover in a gentle non abrasive manner through chemical exfoliation. Salicylic acid in these pads are lipophillic meaning they can break down sebum better to reduce breakouts and texture and glycolic acid helps to superficially exfoliate the skin. The 6x Magical Clinical Calming Peel Cream on the other hand has retinol to send signals to the skin to push out all the sebum (breakouts). Additionally Centella and Beta Glucan assist in skin healing to reduce the formation of PIE/PIH while naicinamide and licorice extract as tyrosinase inhibitors (brighteners) help to actively reduce the appearance of existing spots.