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Beginner Glass Skin Bundle- Dry/Normal Skin Type - Full Size

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This bundle is specifically designed for those with an dry normal skin type. It contains powerful actives that work on multiple levels to brighten, hydrate, protect, and resurface your skin in just 28 days. You'll be amazed by the results.

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Visibly Targets

Redness/Flare Up Safe
Extremely Sensitive Skin Safe
Denatured Alcohol Free
Spot Prone Safe
Pigment Prone Safe
Roacc Safe
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Safe
PEG Free
Paraben and Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Silicon Free

Industry Comparision

Superdosed Bundle uses more actives per product and is suitable for sensitive skin. Results in a shorter period of time than non superdosed skincare. Micronised formulas with perfect combination of actives, quality bases, occlusives, humectants and emollients. Skin Physicians Received Highly Raving Feedback.

How To Use

1. Ginseng Cleanser
2. Copper Peptide Serum
3. Magical Clinical Calming Moisturiser
4. SPF

1. Ginseng Cleanser
2. AHA Toner
3. Copper Peptide Serum
4. Resilient Pigment Serum
5. Magical Clinical Calming Moisturiser

When Do I See Results?

4 Weeks


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