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Double Bay Cosmeceuticals

LactoBionic Acid 2% Water Cream

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Skin Turnover + Resurfacing + Hydrating

Feel good ingredients:

2% Lactobionic Acid

1% Sodium Hyaluronate

1% Retinyl Palmitate

4% Niacinamide

2% Panthenol

In a hydrating medium this formulation goes to work to immediately to resurface the skin to decrease the appearance of pore size, spots, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven and textured skin tone. Delivers fantastic skin rejuvenation benefits through instant hydration and increasing skin softness.

Skin Types Suitable For: All Skin Types except Sensitive



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Visibly Targets

Uneven Skin Tones
Recurring Breakouts
Redness/Flare Up Safe
Extremely Sensitive Skin Safe
Denatured Alcohol Free
Spot Prone Safe
Pigment Prone Safe
Roacc Safe
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Safe
PEG Free
Paraben and Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Silicon Free

Industry Comparision

In comparison to other resurfacing creams, this one is extremely effective for texture/bumps whereas others only give you a glow. Using 1 superficial resurfacer known as lactobionic acid and 1 cell turnover resurfacer known as retinyl palmitate. In this formulation Naicinamide is utilised for redness and panthentol as well as sodium hyaluronate for skin hydration. Uses 5 actives for sensitive skin for better results, no other cream is designed like this in industry.

How To Use

At night after cleansing and application of an active ingredient serum with hygienic hands apply a small berry size portion to face, neck and décolletage and spread evenly. Course of Application varies from 14-45 Days. Do not use for longer period of 45 days. Use only at night and start off with once a week use and build up use to 3x a week.

When Do I See Results?

4 Weeks


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