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  • ACTIVE EVEN FACE TAN SERUM 5% - Double Bay Cosmeceuticals
  • ACTIVE EVEN FACE TAN SERUM 5% - Double Bay Cosmeceuticals
  • ACTIVE EVEN FACE TAN SERUM 5% - Double Bay Cosmeceuticals

Double Bay Cosmeceuticals


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Tanning + Evening + Redness Calming

Feel good ingredients:

5% DHA

2% Centella

2% Panthenol

3% Aloe Vera

This feel good Active Even Face Tan Serum ensures optimal skin hydration with the perfect complexion booster of DHA 5% for sun kissed glowing skin. Relish in the skin rejuvenation benefits of Calming Centella and occlusive skin moisture retaining Panthenol and Aloe Vera whilst reaping skin tanning benefits. This lightweight effortless formula absorbs readily onto the skin for an even application and leaves the skin radiant.

Skin Types Suitable For: All Skin Types


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Visibly Targets

Uneven Skin Tones
Camouflages Dark Spots
Redness/Flare Up Safe
Extremely Sensitive Skin Safe
Denatured Alcohol Free
Spot Prone Safe
Pigment Prone Safe
Roacc Safe
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Safe
PEG Free
Paraben and Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Silicon Free

Key Industry Difference

Non sticky, Even application, fades evenly, lasts longer, compounded with centella for redness, sensitive skin and panthenol for moisturisation which most industry tanning products don’t have extra skin benefits. Lightweight serum formulation and build-ability.

Best Way To Use

With gloves at night time apply 1-2 pumps on face, neck and décolletage starting at centre of face and spread outwards. Avoid underneath of eye area and mustache area.

How Long It Lasts/Estimated Rebuy

4 Months

How Long To See Results

4 Weeks

Is There A Purging Period?


Multipurposing Methods

Can be used on body as well

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