Clear Skin Is Only An Appointment Away

It's time to start taking your skin seriously. Let's get sorted a proper skincare and monthly treatment regime for you, curated by the industry's best professionals.

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Real People Who Got Their Confidence Back

Get Ready To Take On The World With The Best Skin You've Ever Had. Results After 1-3 Sessions Maintained with Skincare.

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Lines and Wrinkles

Pores and Texture




Can No One Fix Your Skin? Well We Can.

We think that It's time you finally visit the creme-dela-creme of skincare professionals. We Can Help You With Your Issues Such As:

● Pigmentation
● Wrinkles
● Pores
● Redness
● Stubborn Bumps and Texture
● Blackheads/Whiteheads
● PIE/PIH Red and Dark Spots
● Flared Up Acne
● Dull Skin

Please send an enquiry or book a "choose on the day" appointment if you can't see your listed concern.

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We are the People Who Train your Local Skin Clinicians

Chebo Clinic is the destination for patients who seek advanced techniques and optimal outcomes with a focus on glass skin results. Our in-depth knowledge of skin care chemistry and clinical expertise are sought out by domestic and international doctors and skin clinicans who want to upskill their clinic.

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Chebo Clinic vs The Rest

Chebo Clinic

Receive Dramatic, Noticeable and Long Term Results in 1-4 Sessions

Guides You On Your Skin Journey On Face Value and Efficient Knowledge Packed 45-60 Minute Treatment + Consultation Sessions.

Extensive Clinical Skincare Chemistry Background

Optimises Procedure with Multi-Treatment Approach in One Sitting

Correct Personalised Skincare and Procedures Recommended

Other Clinics

Minimum 6-12 Sessions For Smallest Skin Changes That Come Back

Lowers Self Confidence With Lengthy Time Consuming Consultations in Order to Sell Ineffective Packages

Minimal Skincare Chemistry Background

Misleads and Sells You Costly Ineffective Packages for Treatments that can be done one session.

Performs and Recommends Wrong Treatment and Skincare.

Build Your Own Extremely Personalised Double Bay Cosmeceuticals Routine!

Building your own routine ensures you have everything you're meant to have. Start with a cleanser, move onto a chemical exfoliant, then a morning serum and targeted night serum, smooth non comedogenic moisturiser and then a once a week treatment. Shop our stocked line of Double Bay Cosmeceutical Products to start your skincare journey OR stock up on the most highly rated best formulated skincare.

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Join The Real Glass Skin Journey✨

"I was on a journey to be "that Girl" and you know what? Chebo Clinic made that happen. We started with getting rid of my congestion and red spots, that disappeared within about 2 Six Star Peels 4 Weeks Apart as I have a high skin tolerance. Then I wanted a LIFT and a Sculpted Supermodel Face, We done HIFU and Mesotherapy Combo and wow that done wonders and the results are permanent as long as you look after your lifestyle. Now I usually come in for a HIFU + MESO + Celebrity Multivitamin Peel Combo every 8-10 Weeks just so that I look hot all the time. I mean if I really wanted to and I was low maintenance I could just do a Celebrity Multivitamin Peel every month like I'm supposed to but Im EXTRA like that! Thank You Chebo I Love You! "

Starting Point

Skincare Day 1

Skincare After 1 Week Use

After 2 Six Star Peels


Do I need to Book a Consultation In First?

We are time conscience on your skin journey and straight forward on procedures and your skincare routine. Book in your initial "Choose on the Day Appointment" we dedicate 15-30 minutes to a knowledge based consultation deciding your treatment and skincare and then perform the procedure on the same day within your 1 hr Time Allocation. Your deposit is credited to your treatment and skincare.

How Regular Are Appointments?

The skin has a 4-6 week skin cell cycle meaning you have a brand new layer of skin to resurface every month. If you're time poor you should incorporate into your routine a retinol to increase cell turnover and also use an at home peel every 4-6 weeks. Otherwise come into clinic every month for your procedures.

Where is Parking?

Parking is on Montgomery Street Carpark and there are another 3 car parks near our clinic.

What Makes Chebo Different From Other Skin Clinics?

In skin there are a plethora of techniques and methods utilised in clinic. We have the best in clinic practices. With a skincare chemistry background and over 35 years of collective experience you're in the safest hands when it comes to your skin. With a strong clientele that have been with us for over a decade and other clinics asking us for training constantly, we are the creme-dela-creme of skincare professionals.

  • Book a Choose on The Day Appointment

    At your "Choose on the Day Appointment" we first conduct a 15-30 minute consultation and perform your procedure prescribing your personalised recommended skincare aswell to take home.

  • Familiarise Yourself With Procedure Information

    Read over all Frequently asked questions and procedure information before your appointment so you're prepped and comfortable with the clinic as it's going to be a regular place you visit.

  • Get Ready For Your Best Skin

    Start to get excited for your glass skin journey. Tell all your friends and family and feel relaxed knowing you're in the best hands when it comes to your skin.

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