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Do I Need to Use The Dedicated Skincare Before Having a Procedure Done?

You can use skincare before or after treatment there is no preference. You can come to your initial appointment have your procedure done and then use the skincare afterwards as your routine. There is no prerequisite to use skincare before treatment unless you would prefer to clear your skin up more on your own before coming in to maximise results.

Do I need to Book a Consultation In First?

We are time conscience on your skin journey and straight forward on procedures and your skincare routine. Book in your initial "Choose on the Day Appointment" we dedicate 15-30 minutes to a knowledge based consultation deciding your treatment and skincare and then perform the procedure on the same day. Your deposit is credited to your treatment and skincare.

How Regular Are Appointments?

The skin has a 4-6 week skin cell cycle meaning you have a brand new layer of skin to resurface every month. If you're time poor you should incorporate into your routine a retinol to increase cell turnover and also use an at home peel every 4-6 weeks. Otherwise come into clinic every month for your procedures.

Can I Have Multiple Procedures Done on My Skin At Once?

Yes you can, these are allocated under PANCAKE on our online bookings as we procedure stack for the best results while being suitable for sensitive skin.

I Live Far Away From Chebo How Can I Clear My Skin?

You can purchase a skincare routine online, to decide on which skincare you can take the quiz, build a routine, shop befores and afters or talk to a clinician online. Your clinican will recommend your dedicated routine and also at home treatments once a month aswell.

Where Are You?

59 Montgomery Street Kogarah Sydney

Where is Parking?

We have 3 car parks within walking distance to us. The most convient is at 29 Montgomery Street Kogarah

What Makes Chebo Different From Other Skin Clinics?

In skin there are a plethora of techniques and methods utilised in clinic. We have the best in clinic practices. With a skincare chemistry background and over 35 years of collective experience you're in the safest hands when it comes to your skin. With a strong clientele that have been with us for over a decade and other clinics asking us for training constantly, we are the creme-dela-creme of skincare professionals.

How Can I Be The Perfect Client?

Make sure all your appointments are booked 3 months in advance. With your appointments booked monthly. Use your skincare routine morning and night and follow all skin lifestyle guidelines. Don't be hesitant to ask questions when required.

What is the Maximum Amount of People For a Group Booking?

You can book a group online with maximum 4 people at a time.