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Double Bay Cosmeceuticals

Intimate Brightening Trio

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This Trio Contains:

- 1x Instant LLNC Body Brightening Lotion

- 1x Resilient Pigment+Texture 3x T-Sinase Inhibitor Serum

- 1x Body Glass Exfoliating Mitt

Pickup Available At Chebo Clinic Flagship Store
chat with clinic to organise a time

Usually ships within 24 hours

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Visibly Targets

Uneven SkinTones
Redness/Flare Up Safe
Extremely Sensitive Skin Safe
Denatured Alcohol Free
Spot Prone Safe
Pigment Prone Safe
Roacc Safe
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Safe
PEG Free
Paraben and Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Silicon Free

Key Industry Difference

Best Way To Use

How Long It Lasts/Estimated Rebuy

3-5 Months

How Long To See Results

4 Weeks

Is There A Purging Period?


Multipurposing Methods

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