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Double Bay Cosmeceuticals

Professional Double Bay Stamper

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The Professional Double Bay Stamper is a Mechanical Resurfacing Treatment thats non invasive and completely safe for all skin types to use. Assists in improving skin texture and tone through inflicting micro-trauma to the skin to stimulate collagen induction for smooth and supple tone.

To be used every 4-6 weeks as a Professional Treatment substitute in replacement of clinic visits. The

Professional Double Bay Stamper can be used unlimited times saving you $300-500 a visit on a clinic visit each time.

Included headband, brush, 10 Screw On Apex 30 Grid Stampers.

A new Apex 30 Grid Stamper is to be used on each and every use.

Wireless and Non-Wireless

Pickup Available At Chebo Clinic Flagship Store
chat with clinic to organise a time

Usually ships within 24 hours

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